Saturday, September 22, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday - Shiloh

Every Saturday on Pirate Prerogative is Sea Dog Saturday. Here I will post a picture of an adorable pup and their story. I was going to start off the first couple of week's as an introduction to our furry family, but I wanted to share this instead. 

Shiloh is an adorable Miniature Yorkshire Terrier who was rescued from a puppy mill. She's a sweet heart who has been through a lot. Shiloh is missing teeth, has removed vocal cords, and even has a tattoo on her ear. But despite all of her ailments, a loving family gave her a home.

However, Shiloh is missing. She has been missing since September 8th, 2012.  If you are in the greater Phoenix area, please let people know to keep an eye out. She is definitely an easy dog so spot. Here are some of her characteristics.

• 3-5 pounds
• Missing Teeth
• Raspy bark
• Lump on chest, requires medication
• Markings in left ear
• Bad Left eye requires daily medication. Will close up if not     administered.
• Microchipped

She got out her backyard near Ray Rd. and Kyrene in Chandler, AZ. If you do find her, she is not a huge fan of men. If have any info please let the family know.

You can find out more and contact Shiloh's family on their Facebook page Bring Shiloh Home.

If you would like to showcase your dog on Sea Dog Saturday fill out the Submit Your Sea Dog form.

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