Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Swab The Poop Deck

The First Mate on his way to his first appointment.

The first thing you learn about raising a mini pirate is diapers... And poop, definitely poop.

I remember the day vividly. Our First Mate was just 4 days old and off to his first pediatrician's appointment. The Captain and I were getting the baby ready for his big debut to the outside world and we were nearly ready to go. Of course we thought one last diaper change was in order.

Good thing, because he pooped. Then, he pooped again during the diaper change. Then again. We shouted "Stop Pooping!" but that didn't do much. He pooped one last time, and finally managed to get some on his father. Now a quick side note, The Captain doesn't do well with body fluids, he gets queasy cleaning up dog puke, so a handful of baby poo was far more than he was capable of handling, so to speak. However, I found his misfortune hilarious, of course. The Captain immediately screamed, "it got on me!" and rushed to wash up. I finished cleaning Jameson up, cleaned me up, cleaned the wall, and we finally hit the road.

This was the first of our many poop-ventures to come.

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