Friday, October 12, 2012

Even Pirates Likes to Party- Part One

The First Mate's birthday was a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse theme. 

  1. He loves that show
  2. The Captain works for Disney
  3. It seemed easy, cheap, and totally do-able with all the craziness going on.

My first step was to turn to Pinterest for inspiration. There I found the ideas for invitations, decorations, and games.

First the Invitations:

I found adorable Mickey Mouse invites on etsy at a whopping $41, not in my budget. Here is the pin:

Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

Here is my version:

I used high quality paper from the craft store, a Martha Stewart circle cutter that was my best friend, red thread & a sewing machine, a glue stick, and a snazzy font I downloaded for free online. I used paper for the buttons instead of real buttons, that saved a ton. Also note you need special envelopes and a higher postage for this invite.

My next pin was for cute Mickey Topiaries. The pin:

My version:

These were pretty easy. Here is the step by step.

Paint styrofoam balls using acrylic craft paint and a foam brush. I painted about half a sphere before placing on a stand to paint the other half. I made the stands from a paper towel roll.

Leave the balls to dry. Cut floral foam to fit into the buckets. I got these at the dollar spot at Target. Cut wooden dowels to the desired height.

Once the painted styrofoam is dry, create the Mickey heads. Place halved) toothpicks into each ear (small spheres) and place onto Mickey heads (large sphere). Once you are happy with the placement secure with hot glue.

Now place the Mickey heads onto the dowels. Then place the dowels into the foam. This was the best method to ensure they looked centered.

Last, cover the floral foam entirely by filling with paper shreds. I used a little hot glue on the foam to hold it in place too.

The rest of the decor was from a party store. I used the Mickey colors for most of it, rather than actual Mickey Mouse clubhouse items to save some money.

That's the decor! Come stay tuned for part two, the food!

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