Saturday, October 27, 2012

Grilled Banana Nutella Sandwich

I have a serious sweet tooth, and that almost always leads to chocolate. The other night I was in the mood for dessert, but there wasn't much in the house. Like a true Pirate, I raided the cupboards to find my sugary reward. I found the following:

Butter, White Bread, Nutella, Cinnamon Sugar, and a Banana
I decided to make a grilled Nutella and Banana Sandwich. I started off my melting some butter in a pan over medium heat.

A Tablespoon or so of butter
Then I spread the Nutella on to the bread to coat. Now I don't say this often, but less if more here. You don't want too much Nutella, or you won't taste anything else.

Mmm, Nutella.
Now place one piece of spread bread (I made a rhyme) bread side down in the pan. Add sliced bananas.

Almost a whole banana, but use however much you want. Strawberries would be a delicious substitution.
Top with another piece of bread slathered in Nutella and flip over. You want both sides to soak up some of the melted butter.

Are you getting excited yet?
Now scoop up some Nutella on your knife and eat it. Yup, I'm making this a recipe step. However, I do not condone double dipping.

Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar, then flip over and repeat.

It's ok to do a little dance with this step.
Let cook on medium heat until brown and toasty looking. Flip and let the other side toast to perfection. 

It's almost times for dessert.
Plate and top with vanilla ice cream and another sprinkle of cinnamon sugar. Then devour and lick the plate.

This picture was hard to take, I wanted to dive in.

The perfect blend of gooey, melty, crisp, warm, and cold. Whipped cream would be a good alternative to ice cream too.

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