Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday -Bailey

This week's Sea Dog is Bailey, the last member of our furry family. She is also the youngest of our three Pugs, at 4 years old. 

Bailey's Bio:

Likes eating! She is the first one done with her food.

Is great at army crawling
    Has two rows of bottom teeth and therefore can destroy any toy

    She is a dragon slayer.

    Woofs and howls the most of any pug
    Will roll in grass as soon as she steps foot on it

    Has a freakishly long tongue.

    Loves Enrique Inglesias

    Bailey came to us via a co-worker of The Captain. Her daughter's after school teacher was looking for a home for Bailey. She casually asked if he knew anyone who wanted a pug, and we couldn't resist.

    Bailey joined in with that pack pretty quickly. Here is a video of when we brought her home.


    Bailey and Ruby still sometimes butt heads deciding who's the boss, but that's just how sisters are.

    When we decided to expand our family with the human variety, we were a bit worried about Bailey. Her previous family had a new baby and she wasn't doing well with it, that's how we came to be her owners. However, she quickly became The Captain's favorite pug. She has the silliest face.

    Thanks for joining our family!

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