Saturday, October 20, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday -Jackson

This member of our pug crew is by far the biggest trouble maker. He was from the day we picked him up. On the car ride home Jackson ate both a seat belt and a cd case. That led to table legs, phone books, and nearly everything else he could chew.

As Jackson has gotten older he doesn't chew quite as much. Now he jumps from high places and performs daredevil feats. He is a tough guy in a snuggler package.

Here is his tough man face.

Jackson is pretty easy going and laid back. He's up for anything.

He knows how to play hard, but he sleeps even harder. He is known for his mega plop where he collapses with full force. He also is determined to make his spot ultra comfy by stomping and head butting the pillows. Once he is finally asleep, he takes a coma. It's often hard to wake him up.

He is a good driver though.

And he makes a good ninja, always hiding in darkness.

My favorite thing about Jackson, is he always makes me laugh. He also seems to be teaching The First Mate his bad habits. So far he has learned to chew, climb, jump, and shove through a baby gate from Jackson.

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