Monday, October 22, 2012

Sword Wounds and Fish Faces

My days off are rarely spent relaxing or even catching up on my blog. In most cases, those 2 precious days off from my 40 hour work week are spent getting things done in the fastest amount of time I can so that maybe I can relax a bit.

I work retail, so my days off vary each week and are rarely in a row. Sometimes it makes it tough to get things scheduled or a project gets started but not finished. For instance, I still haven't gotten my vehicle registration complete and I've been to the DMV multiple times.

In my last 2 days off I had a lot to accomplish. I had an 8:30 appointment to get my driver's license and registration completed. Right of the bat I knew this wasn't getting done. I hadn't been able to get my car smogged yet, after all this was my first day off in the week. I did, however get my driver's license.

I thought it would be a pretty quick in and out appointment, but I should have known by now that doesn't happen. It was my third visit. I got thorough the paperwork section and went to stand in line for my photo to be taken. Almost done!

I was standing in line and realized I had a baby on me. I discovered my Ergo Baby Carrier makes DMV visits much easier. I couldn't have him on me for my Driver's license photo though, bur there was no one to take him. I spun him around to the back and was glad to have achieved this feat for the first time. I handed the familiar face my paperwork and he told me to stand and smile. The First Mate discovered he could bang his head on the backdrop and thought this was hilarious. It entertained the other DMV goers, but not the workers.

I again approached the counter thinking my first task of the day was complete and then he handed me a driver's test. Yup, even though I had a valid out of state license I had to take the test. I was a bit nervous, but luckily I still know how to drive and I only missed 1 of the allowed 3.

My PASSED Driver's Test
The next task of the day was The First Mate's 1 year well visit. We were going to a new Doctor's office and Pediatrician. I trusted Mapquest and it let me down. I called to let them know we were running late (and lost) and we arrived 20 minutes behind schedule.

Once we got into the exam room the Nurse took his stats and instructed us to keep him undressed and the Dr. would be in shortly. Well, shortly turned in to a long battle to keep a toddler happy in a room full of cords and medical equipment. Not to mention it was freezing in there and I had a cold that kept me sneezing and snotty. I threw a sweater on the baby and angrily exchanged texts with The Captain about how long we were waiting. (I know I was late, but the baby was super cranky and everyone in the office could hear it, plus I knew what he would have to endure once someone actually did arrive) we waited nearly an hour before the Pediatrician arrived. He was not my favorite, but I won't go into all that now.

Everything checked out good and in came the nurse. It was time for The First Mate to get 6 shots! He had done pretty well in the past, but this was the first time he would get them in his arms. He screamed and cried with the first 3. Then I consoled him, only to hold his arms and do it all over again. He cheered up pretty fast. He's a tough dude and it's just baby sized sword wounds really. Pirates can handle that. Then it was off to the lab to get his blood drawn. I though the would be no biggie because the last time he had to do it he had no reaction. Wrong! I think he hated the way I was told to hold his arms. Plus, I was putting pressure on his fresh wounds. The Bugs Bunny sticker at the end did seem to cure his woes.

My next day off was supposed to be a bit more enjoyable. The Captain was off too (a rare event for us to be off together). He headed to the DMV to get his license, and I had warned him about the written test. I and The First Mate ate breakfast and got ready for the day ahead.

The Captain arrived home and shared that he didn't have to take the test. I'm claiming sexism for this one. How rude. Next up was costume shopping for The First Mate.

As we neared the first store, I noticed silence form the backseat. The First Mate was asleep. He has a habit of finally falling asleep as we arrive at our destination. I decided a sleeping baby is a happy baby and ran inside to shop and text pictures to The Captain for approval. I did this at a couple of stores and we found 2 potential costumes to try on a more awake First Mate later.

Finally, it was family time. We were going to the pumpkin patch at Bates Nut Farm. Once there I changed the baby and put on his adorable hat for the inevitable photo op. With stroller and wheel barrel both in town we started to search for pumpkins. The First Mate had a blast climbing in a sea of orange squash. However, it was not a typical Autumn day, it was HOT! Nearly 90 degrees, and we had not anticipated it.

Climbing through the pumpkin patch.
One of my favorite pictures of the day!

We hurried to find the last of the pumpkins and found some shade for a few more pictures. Then headed home before finishing up more errands.

Our Pumpkin Collection.
As our busy day neared a close we tried costumes on The First Mate to see which one he would tolerate best.

He decided that being a fish was a miserable existence and gave us a disapproving fish face to let us know.

Sorry for the blurry pic, but he was wiggling to get out.
The Pirate costume was a hit (of course) and we checked the last thing off out list. I'm still waiting for that time to relax though.

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