Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Parrot Speak and Monkey Business

It seems within the past few weeks we've acquired both a parrot and a monkey aboard our crew. The first mate has become quite the mimic. He has started copying (or trying to) copy what we say and do. 

His latest new tricks are "Night Night" where he lays his head down and plays asleep. He says "Nigh Nigh," it's pretty cute, but I'm not so thrilled that his grandparents taught him night time is a game. He also learned how to purse his lips and sing "Woos." This makes for fun times listening to music in the car. Also, if you ask him "How big are you?" he raises his arms in the air. He high fives, dances, and imitates pretty much everything. Just tonight he learned to say stinky (as in feet). My favorite thing he has recently learned is kisses. He actually gives real kisses, not the open mouth eat your face baby kisses. 

His word list now includes:
  • Mama
  • Dada
  • Poppa (sometimes, still not on command)
  • Dog(gy) 
  • Bye Bye and waves (right now this also means hello to him)
  • Nigh Nigh (Night Night)
  • Stinky
  • All Done
This is a fun time to watch him learn and grow up, but it is a realization that we need to watch what we say and do at all times. He is smart and he picks up on everything. I have to cut out any swearing that has managed to last this long. There are bound to be bad habits picked up from anywhere. Somehow in the past day or so he has learned to pick his nose. He thinks it's funny to stick a finger in there.

He thinks lots of things are funny. He is giggling nearly all day, sometimes it's eerily timed just right that I think he got a joke or is laughing at our expense. I am pretty sure we are in for trouble with this guy, but at least it will be adorable trouble.

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