Saturday, November 10, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday- Cooper

Today I thought I would shine the spotlight on Cooper, a cute Dalmatian doggie owned by Jennie from Rhinestone's & Bobby Pins. It just so happens to be Jennie's BIRTHDAY today! So stop on by her Etsy shop or Twitter and wish her a Happy Birthday and say "Hi!"

Ok, now back to handsome Cooper. He is definitely a photogenic dalmatian, but that may be because he lives in a house full of photographers.

Look at those big brown eyes!
Side Sitter

He doesn't just sit there and look pretty, he is an active dog too. He practices agility and is very dedicated. He isn't afraid to try something new either, like swimming. 

Cooper concentrating on agility
Learning to swim, sort of

Cooper is a pretty well rounded dog. He got a great mix of brains, beauty, and brawn. He even has some silly mixed in.

What are you looking at?

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