Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday -Ruby

The last of our pug family members is Ruby. She is definitely the princess of the group. Ruby loves to snuggle up on your lap, or your face. She doesn't like stepping in wet grass or getting dirty. She likes her water cold and fresh from the Brita pitcher. Yup, she is a Pirate Princess for sure.

Ruby is Jackson's biological sister. When I went to pick them up she curled right up in my lap and licked me. I knew then she was a sweetheart. She is very laid back, most of the time. Usually she can be found napping on the back of the couch or the most comfy spot she could find. Every once in a while she  goes into "puppy mode." This is when she gets super playful and runs around yipping, bouncing, and ready to play. This will last about 3-5 minutes, and then she goes back to her lazy self. She thinks she is tough stuff too! She barks like she is a tough dog, but then backs away to avoid confrontation. She likes to play referee, but not join in the action.

Here she is sleeping like a weirdo. She fell over but was too lazy to get up. She just kept sleeping.
Here she is modeling a top hat. She really didn't mind at all, except for maybe looking silly.
However, Ruby has the worst dog breath of all the pugs. It is always a battle to move her in the middle of the night so that you aren't in the path of her dragon breath. It is also tough to move her when she gets "no bones." This is when she is very comfortable and particularly lazy. She becomes dead weight and refuses to use her muscles. It's like picking up a sack of potatoes.

All in all, Ruby is a pretty sweet girl. I love how she follows me around and wants to lay somewhere near me. She is the perfect complement to her brother's crazy demeanor. She is often referred to as the pretty pug with her perfectly wrinkled expressions and triple twisted tail. She makes pug sounds when she gets a good rub down and grunts like a pig with every step she conquers on the stairs. 

I love how she looks like a levitating Pug head here.

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