Saturday, November 17, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday -Zoey

Just a puppy here
Zoey is a member of our extended Sea Dog family. She's the dog of The First Mate's Grams and Poppa. She joined the family in June of 2011. Zoey is a french bulldog with adorable markings and those big trademark ears. She has grown into her ears a bit.

Cuddling with pre-beard Captain
She loves to cuddle and get attention. She is the first one to jump on your lap when you sit down.

Cuddling with post-beard Captain
She is one of the most playful of the bunch of pups, probably because she is the youngest. She often instigates the others and a playful pack takes off in the yard. After she is all tuckered out, she will relax and nap with the other dogs.

Snuggling with her old pal Bongo
Perhaps the most endearing thing about Zoey is how she joins right in with the humans. She sits in a chair at the table with the family. She goes for rides in the car and tags along for both work and play. Zoey even parties like her people.

Napping after The First Mate's party festivities

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