Sunday, November 4, 2012

Thankful Thursdays #1

Since it's November and a time to be thankful, I thought I would start this series Thankful Thursdays. I know, today isn't Thursday, but I missed the first one, so I'm catching up. Call it Sentimental Sunday today.

I will be posting what I'm thankful for in life at that moment. There has been a lot of changes as of late, and I think it is important to recognize the amazing things I do have. Feel free to comment with the things you are thankful for or to start this series on your own blog.

I am thankful for...

  • The snuggles The First Mate gives me during Sesame Street
  • The Captain, who supports me, despite how much he claims to hate blogging
  • My family who has been a tremendous help in our move back to San Diego
  • My new iPhone (I had to throw that in there, of course) and my laptop, without you none of this would be possible
  • My day job, they have managed to find a place for me, wherever and whenever I move
  • A baby that is easy going and adapting well to change
  • My boobs, they are a great tool to get The First Mate back to sleep quickly in the middle of the night
  • My fans, thank you for reading this, liking me on facebook, and following me on twitter. I am grateful and I will continue to bring you new content
  • The new P!nk CD, it takes me through a range of emotions in my car, I appreciate the therapy and your talent.
  • Mexican food, I don't know what I would do without you
  • The Thankful for Fluff Giveaway Hop and Cheerful Homemaker and Cloth Diaper Revival for hosting it. Please show them some love

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