Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unleash the Kraken


Okay, so maybe I exaggerated with this post title, but only by a little. I have been dealing with a sick baby, and that is pretty close to the Kraken. If you are unaware of this sea beast let me clue you in.

The Kraken is a "mythical" (so they say) sea monster that swallows up ships. It has long tentacles and sharp teeth, similar to a giant squid, but scarier. Pirates feared the Kraken and the damage it could do to their crew.

I fear sick babies, on so many levels. I fear other sick kids because their germs could infect my child. I fear The First Mate being sick because he's sad, doesn't feel well and miserable. He becomes the Kranken. This, in turn, makes me miserable. It's a lot of (even more than usual) sleepless nights, snot covered shoulders, and kicks and punches during nose frida sessions. I think my child may actually have tentacles when I try to suck the snot from his nose because he always manages to stop me. Seriously, I'm bigger than him! It also means sore boobs from constant relatching so he breathe while he nurses, ouch. A sick kid means staying home and missing out on things. There was a virtual family reunion taking place this weekend for my Grandma's surprise 90th birthday party and I barely saw any of them. I missed hanging out with friends I haven't seen in forever. Yup, my plans were destroyed by the Kranken!

Maybe the Kraken was just cranky?Maybe he likes to snuggle and take naps with his mama too. You know, when he's not decimating ships and crunching sailor bones. A sick baby does have a sweet side. The First Mate loves to cuddle up and be close to me. I look down at those sad eyes and red nose and just want to scoop him up. It is also cute to watch him help me wipe his nose by leaning into the tissue. His little stuffy nose snores are pretty adorable too. I love my little Kranken.

Sick baby snuggles

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