Sunday, November 4, 2012

Yo Ho Halloween

It's easy to say Halloween is my favorite holiday. In fact, it's probably the favorite holiday of me whole crew. So, it made perfect sense to blend our two favorite things and make The First Mate a Pirate for Halloween.

He liked his costume, but it was near impossible to capture a picture with him wearing his hat and his hook.

The closest image I could get of a complete costume, no hook though.

Just the day before Halloween The First Mate decided to get serious about walking. He started taking more than a few steps and actually would go short distances! On Halloween day he was pretty excited about his new trick and loved showing it off at the neighbor's door steps for treats! In fact, he tried to walk right into a few people's houses.

Thanks to a mom and dad who love all things spooky and grim, there was no worry about The First Mate being afraid of things. He smiles at skeletons and plays with ghoulish toys. He loves pumpkins and even got the hang of trick or treating. He would scream in excitement when he reached the last few homes. It's as if he were saying "Trick or Treat!"

Drumming on some pumpkins.

This was a much better Halloween than last year. At that time the baby was barely 3 weeks old and we rotated between taking care of the baby, passing out candy, and watching football. It was a struggle to keep him asleep with trick or treaters and barking dogs. 

Happy in his first Halloween jammies.

Tiny Pumpkin Feet. Photo by Joel Zwink
It was still tough to get a photo of him then in hid outfit. We decided against a full costume in order to keep him from being miserable. We weren't so nice that Christmas, so stay tuned for that picture in December.

Cranky his first Halloween, but cute.
His festive booty. I know my arm/hand look freakish here, we were rushing to take the pic and it was probably straining my not yet buff Mom arms.

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