Saturday, December 1, 2012

Pirate's Log - November

Here is a recap of what you may have missed in the last month:

The Thankful For Fluff Giveaway: This was a lot of fun to be a part of. I hope to have plenty more giveaways in the future. There is plans for a Spring giveaway hop hosted by The Cloth Diaper Revival and Cheerful Homemaker too.

 CarRR Seat: The First Mate's car seat has gotten a ton of use since we've been back in San Diego. It really needed it's own spotlight post, I love it that much.

Sea Dog Saturday -Ruby: This was a spotlight on or silly little girl Ruby. She thinks she's a princess. There are some great photos of her on this post. 

Thankful Thursdays: I started this series and I think it will continue. Be sure to checkout all of the editions.

Yo Ho Halloween: Guess who was a Pirate this year? The First Mate was adorable and had a really great Halloween, check it out.

Sea Dog Saturday -Cooper: I'm seeing spots! Dalmatian Spots! Read all about Cooper and his doggy adventures.

Unleash the Kraken: I had a sea beast living in my house for a while, I called him The Kranken!

Sea Dog Saturday -Zoey: A French Bull Dog member of our extended pack family. Read more about this bat-eared pup.

Avast, Thar Be Stowaways!: We had some unwanted visitors, it was no fun. Read about our itchy problem here.

Parrot Speak and Monkey Business: The First Mate is becoming quite the mimic. This talks about all his new "tricks"

Small Business Saturday: A look at shopping small and I highlighted some of my favorite small businesses. Check it out, especially if you still have some shopping to do.

Everything is better with Pie!: I made a new recipe for Thanksgiving this year, a savory pie. It was so good, I highly recommend pie for dinner.

Another Reason to Think I'm Weird: I also made this beauty, and Unturkey even meat-eaters will love, really.

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