Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday -June

This sleeping beauty is June. She happens to be the best buddy to Cash, from last week's Sea Dog Saturday. Yup, they are named after the soulful singer couple of Johnny Cash and June Carter.

Although she may have those big trademarked Boston Terrier ears, she doesn't get much use out of them. June is deaf. I almost forgot to mention that in this post because I am so used to it now. When June was first adopted we would often call her or tell her "no", only to remember it did no good. It is important with her to give visual cues of what you are trying to communicate. A lowered palm for "come" and a shaken index finger if she needs to be scolded.

She is one sound sleeper though. The other dogs barking never wakes her up.

June's was adopted, but she sort of just fell into her home with her Mama, The First Mate's Auntie. She was in a home with another dog and was just too aggressive. However, it just wasn't the right fit for her. Auntie couldn't pass up a Boston needing a home and jumped on the opportunity to add to her pack. When she joined the extended Sea Dogs family everyone seemed to get along great. Looking at these pics below, it's hard to believe she was ever deemed aggressive.

June playing with Princess Sweetie Pie.

Cuddling up with The Captain

Cash was always an only dog, so we weren't sure how he would respond to a new sibling. He adjusted just fine, and they have a true brother sister relationship. They are like two peas in a pod. June even lays like her Boston Brother Cash. Here she is with all fours sprawled out.

She may adopted, but they still have a brother-sister bond.
June has been a great addition to both her family and ours. She is also mommy's little helper too. Here she is helping to wrap some Christmas presents and put away the laundry.

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