Saturday, December 22, 2012

Sea Dog Saturday -Sid & Samson

This week's Sea Dog's are the last members of our extended Sea Dog Family. They are, in fact, the ones that started the pug fest around here.

Here is their story, as told by their human mom, Tiffany:

Sid and Samson when they were about three months old

The pugs are and always will be my first babies. Ten years ago these precious boys came into this world. Little did I know that the day I spontaneously decided it was time to have a pug (not that it was necessarily the right time) that I would bring home two and they would start our little family.
Chris agreed that we could get “a” dog (as in one dog). My girlfriend and I searched newspapers and local ads, calling everyone in our area about pug puppies (I wanted a fawn-colored one). Every one of the dog breeders I called had sold all of their puppies! Little did I know that pugs were the “hot” dog of the current dog market (no pun intended).
Desperate, we went to the pet store at the mall only to find a darling pug that cost about three times more than I had thought a pup would cost. I made one more desperate phone call, . . .
Read the rest here: Men in Black

If you would like to showcase your dog on Sea Dog Saturday fill out the Submit Your Sea Dog form.

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