Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - December

Here is the start of a new monthly series on the blog. It will recap the things I never thought I'd say, see, or hear before becoming a mom. Let's start off with some good ones:

Being silly and playing with a box.

Had turkey thrown at me (the vegetarian of 17 years)

"Don't bite the dogs!"

"Can you stop letting the baby climb on me naked?" -The Captain

"Get your arms out of the oatmeal."

"Can you please get your face off my butt?"

"Please stop playing with my eye."

The First Mate is asleep in his car seat. We open the door and discuss quietly how to get him inside asleep. The Captain turns around to get the baby when he stretches out his arms, opens his eyes and squeals. It was an adorable way to wake up and we all thought it was hilarious.

Sleeping silly in his pirate pjs.

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