Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2013 Resolutions

I am genuinely excited about 2013, even if it didn't ring in the way I had hoped, thanks Baby New Year. I said 2011 would be a great year, and it was pretty good to me, and same for 2012. Plus, it ends in 13, a number I love and that usually beings me luck. Here's what I hope to stick with and accomplish in 2013 in no particular order:

Eat Healthier- Although I could just say the obligatory lose weight, or get in shape, this is truly what I'm after. Feeding a child makes you realize how much crap you eat as an adult.

Cook More, Eat Less Processed Food- I would love to make everything from scratch and eat absolutely nothing processed. However, I work 40hrs a week and have a toddler, I just don't have the time. I love to cook, so I want to get back in the habit of cooking regularly and also learn to make my own bread and tortillas.

Build My Blog- It's been just under 3 1/2 months so far and I've really enjoyed blogging. I want to keep adding quality content and build a bigger audience. I would also like to get more comments on the blog and interact more with my readers. I also want to work on further customizing the look of my blog and attend a blog conference.

Be Positive, But Still Be Me- I want to look on the bright side a bit more, but I still want to stay true to who I am. I like being sarcastic, sassy, and opinionated. I just want to do better and be better.

Work On Becoming A WAHM- I lurve my job, I've been there over 7 years. However, I have a degree I would love to use. I also want to spend more time at home with my family. I intend to spend this year figuring out how to save money, make more money, and get back into design so next year I can be closer to my goal of working from home.

Get Back To "Me"- Sadly by this I mean doing my hair more than once every 3 months, getting my personal style back, and starting to get back to my identity. I think, like many, I got wrapped up in mom mode and lost some of my mojo. I would also like to start working on my sleeves (as in tattoos) that I've wanted forever. Saving money is a big factor in that one.

Have Face To Face Conversations With The Captain- This may seem silly, but we honestly rarely see each other. Most of our conversations are through text and they are usually about the baby, who's watching the baby, our schedules, or what's for dinner. We work opposite shifts and take different days off so we can spend as much time with The First Mate as possible.

Revisit My Inner Wench- So Glad my parents don't read my blog (and I fully intend to keep it that way) I just want to make more time for sexy time, that's all.

Be Nicer To The Captain- Although the last resolution plays a part in this, I want to make more of an effort not to take my crankiness out on him. I hope he will do the same.

Sleep- This will also help with the above mentioned crankiness. I want to work on making The First Mate a better sleeper so I can get some better sleep.

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