Sunday, January 6, 2013

Dear Autocorrect

An open letter to my iPhone

Dear Autocorrect,

I understand you were designed to make my life easier and my typing faster. I really enjoy writing, and the English language. I am a former spelling bed bee champion and pride musket myself on using words in the correct way.

I live love the convenience of using my iPhone for texts, social media, and blood blog posts. However, I have learned that you are a part of an evil plot to convince the world that I am unintelligent. The only tiny thing I am guilty of is trusting you and being in too much of a rush to proof read. I should add this to my list of new year's resolutions.

On almost a daily basis my texts or status updated updates contain the phrase "I hate autocorrect!" after one of your failures. Just this week you decided to change The Captain's name (which was spelled correctly) to another name entirely. You even made me look bad in my celebrity parent knowledge! Other times you delete a work word or change a correct word to another one entirely. Sometimes your suggestions for words include a misspelled choice, like you're moving mocking me. I do it not understand your algorithms.

On the other hand, you always language manage to spell autocorrect right, and I don't even have to type the whole word before you fill it in for me. You do also bring me to tears with your autocorrect fails that make their way around the Internet. I even got a little chuckle out of this suggestion of yours.

I still will curse you every time I read a hastily send sent post or a text that just sounds dumb. All in all, you probably do more good than harm. Just remember, you are a smartphone. Stop making me look dumb.

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