Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Home Free

It's official, last week we sold out home in Phoenix, AZ. I'm thrilled to not have to worry about it anymore. No more mortgage and no more bills to pay for the utilities we aren't even using. No more calls to the realtor wondering if we will get an offer. Nope, it's sold and done with.

However, it wasn't a money maker type of sale. I wish we could have come out ahead, but it would just be more of a burden to continue carrying the costs of an out of state home. We do have a hefty amount to pay back to my parents.They generously offered to loan us the money needed to pay commissions for the sale of our home. Now we have a timeline to get out of their house for good, 10 months.

I appreciate the fact that they have opened up their home to us and loaned us the funds needed. That being said, it sucks living with your parents when you've been gone since your senior year of high school. I think The Captain and I will be counting down the days until we are out of debt to them and in our own place again. It will be around October when we will have payed them back what we owe, another good thing that happens in that month. That will be a great way to celebrate The First Mate's second birthday and our 6th wedding anniversary. 

So here's to a being an official Californian again!

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