Monday, January 14, 2013

Lost at Sea

Here's a bunch of stuff I meant to blog about but forgot or didn't have enough stuff for a full post. It may be random, but I didn't want to skip sharing it.

4000 page views!

I was nearing 4000 page views on the blog as 2012 was coming to an end. I made it my goal to get there before I saw 2013. Thanks to you guys I did! Now I am amazed to be nearly three-quarters of the way to 5000 page views just days into the new year!

Adult Time

Don't worry, this is completely PG. The Captain, his sister, and I went to a concert 2 weekends ago for one of our favorite bands, Social Distortion. We have seen them plenty of times before, but this was really the first time we've really gone out to do something adults only. Heck, it was really the first time we've done something without the baby.

My parent's watched The First Mate and we headed out. It was downtown at The House of Blues. The show was 21 and up, but most concert-goers were well over this age limit because of how old the band is. I even got a beer. (I gave The Captain the second half to finish though).

The show was alright, Mike Ness seemed to have forgotten the lyrics to the songs he'd both written and been singing for 39 years, but it's cool. It was still fun to go out like old times pre-baby. Man, I was tired the next day though.

Blogging with Baby

The other day I was snuggled up in bed with The First Mate and trying to get some work done on the blog. I didn't get too much work done until he fell asleep, but we had fun.

Cheerful Homemaker is Expecting

I thought I would throw this in their too. Mommy blogger Etta is expecting her second child. Go stop by her blog or send her a tweet and say congrats!

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