Thursday, January 31, 2013

Message in a Bottle: What Happens When Twitter Breaks

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On Thursday I awoke (or should I say The First Mate awoke me) and began my morning ritual. Nurse the baby, turn on Sesame Street, and check my phone for what happened overnight.

I usually start with email, then twitter, then Facebook, then bloglovin. Thursday was no different, but twitter was. I scrolled down on my iPhone screen to refresh the page and nothing happened. I did it again, nothing. I figured twitter was over capacity and is check back. I moved on to Facebook and saw a friend's link to here tweet. I clicked and saw the Fail Whale. I've seen this before and it is usually resolved pretty quickly.

But then it didn't resolve quickly. I refreshed my app, no tweets. I refreshed another twitter app on my phone, no tweets. I refreshed all four twitter apps on my phone, NO TWEETS! Panic was setting in. It had been nearly 45 minutes of a complete disconnect from the little blue bird's site. I logged on to in my browser and it said this when I clicked on my profile page:

This was worse than I thought! My mind started racing about a world without twitter. What if my profile really didn't exist? How could I post status updates I didn't want my Facebook friends (or The Captain) to see? Even when all other social media platforms are asleep for the night with no updates, twitter never let me down. There was ALWAYS someone tweeting somewhere. Well, until now.

I sat back and thought maybe this was a sign. Maybe I, and so many others are too consumed with social media and connecting with "the world" that we don't connect with what's right in front of us. Maybe we should get back to phone calls instead if texts, invitations instead of evites, bumper stickers instead of ecards, & letters instead of emails. Heck, maybe a message in a bottle would be a cool way to connect with a complete stranger instead.

This all started to sound like a good idea, then...

Twitter is back up, never mind. Follow me @Pirate1013


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