Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Midnight Mutiny

I miss this peaceful sleeping face

It's 8:46pm and I am in bed. I should be sleeping because I know what is in store for me in just a couple of hours. The First Mate will wake up (usually at 11:37pm on the dot) and decide that he doesn't want to sleep. Then for the next 4 hours or so The Captain and I will fight with him to PLEASE sleep.

He will scream, hit, kick, cry, and flail about in our arms and our bed to avoid going back to sleep. As soon either of us sets him down or he escapes our grasp he will be happy. He just wants to play with his toys and wander around a pitch black house, with stairs. I refuse to let this happen. I, of course, don't want him to get hurt running around. I also do not want to perpetuate his idea that the middle of the night is a great time to play. 

I am now exhausted as this has been going on for 3 nights now and getting progressively worse. We are taking him to the doctor for a well visit and will check for other causes. He will even beg to nurse, I oblige, and he then starts to fall asleep at the breast. He awakens almost immediately after drifting off and screams. It's as if he realizes he is asleep and panics. 

He finally goes back to sleep, probably from sheer exhaustion of wailing and flailing all night. This is also affecting his well being. He wakes up groggy and cranky from not enough sleep. We all have a hard time functioning the next day.

If you have any idea or have been through this yourself, suggestions are welcome. I slightly attempted to let him cry it out in a moment of sleep deprived frustration and a complete loss of solutions. It was not something The Captain or I felt okay with. He is nearly 16 months old, so he should be past the stage of getting nights and days mixed up. 

Seriously, help!

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