Saturday, January 5, 2013

Sea Dog Saturday - Denali

This week's Sea Dog comes from Jerica. She thought some big beauties needed to be represented, so she submitted Denali. Although she looks like a tiny puppy here, she has grown quite a bit. She is now seven years old. Denali's breed is known to be a large size breed. She is a Bernese Mountain Dog. It's a cross between a St. Bernard and Great Pyrenees. "She weighs in at 130 lbs and that's mostly fur!" says Jerica.  Denali is the perfect name for her, she's named after the mountain in Alaska, not the SUV.

Denali was a gift for Yule from Jerica's dad. He brought her home from the pet store and tied a big red bow around her neck. He hid her behind the tree, what an awesome gift!
Jerica shared this about Denali's playfulness as a puppy: "When she was a pup her favorite toy was an empty Diet Coke bottle...hilarious. She'd chase it all around the yard, but every time she lunged it'd slip through her massive paws."

More couch cuddles

Although she is a mountain of a dog, she is a sweet little thing at heart. She isn't afraid to snuggle up on the couch with one of the cats. Jerica also says "Denali is hands down the sweetest dog we've ever owned. We nick-named her Nana (from Peter Pan) because she babies all the rescue kittens my brother brings home from the animal hospital, and babysits my toddler."
Hanging out in the yard with her "babies"

Denali isn't just sweet and cute to look at, she's smart. She is bell trained (rings a bells to go outside) and she also understands hand signals and voice commands. She was easy to train, more so than "other pups including Blood Hounds, Chows, Labs, and German Shepherds." Jerica insists.

Playing in the snow

Although Denali spent most of her life in Phoenix, in primarily warm weather, she is made for the snow. She gets her share of snowy playtime up in Flagstaff, where it's much colder.

Jerica would like to share one last thing. "The Bernese Mountain Dog breed is one of the top picks for family dogs. They're wonderful around children, easy to train, and don't drool as much as St. Bernards!"

So remember, I don't discriminate based on size. All shapes, sizes, and breeds are welcome.

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