Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Just a Mom

Usually when I hear the phrase "just a mom" it has a negative connotation. It's as though being a mom is not nearly enough, and it somehow needs to be prefaced with "just" to emphasize this. In fact, moms are often the ones who are using this phrase in such as way. We downplay all we do and belittle ourselves. I, however, decided that being just a mom was just what I needed.

This past weekend I took off three days in a row from my day job, and it was long overdue. I intended on getting caught up on things around the house and getting a lot of blogging done. However, on the first day of my work-free trinity I decided to put aside everything, except my son. I was going to just be a mom. 

I snuck this photo before napping with The First Mate

It was one of my favorite days in a long time. We cuddled on the couch, played games, and even napped together. We took a stroll through the neighborhood and learned new words. It was great to enjoy each other's time and just live in the moment. We ended the day picking up The Captain and going out for dinner. I had no work and I didn't blog. I was just a mom, and it was amazing.

Although my day may sound like a relaxing day at home, it really isn't the case. There were still tantrums and messes. The First Mate still cried in the car because he didn't want his socks on. He still threw his food to the dogs when he was done eating. He pooped 3 times. It was like any other day, except I was completely present. 

I was "just a mom" for a day, and then I had to get back to reality. I had taxes to do, a garage to clean, and diapers to wash. It was back to the usual chaos and struggle to get everything done. This sounds more like the day in the life of a mom to me. Very rarely do we stop long enough to take a break, even to just be mom. Sometimes that break from everything else can be exactly what we, and our children, need.

I ask you moms to do two things after reading this post.

  1. Stop referring to yourself as "just a mom" in a negative way.
  2. Start being "just a mom" when your life feels a little to crazy.
How do you feel about just being a mom?


  1. I really liked this post. Sometimes we need to just put a pause on things. I love to read a good book on a stormy day, but I don't have those much any more living in AZ. I'm Tiffany's aunt by the way. It's the first time I've viewed your blog. I'll be back soon. thanks! Dawn

    1. Thanks for visiting Dawn! I've seen your comments over there, I'm glad you stopped by. Just wait for monsoon season, then you can get back to some good books.


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