Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Me HEARTies: A Pirate's Guide to Valentine's Day

I'm a treasure chest full of love for you!
vintage valentine: pirate by Karen Horton via CC 2.0

My week of love continues...

You may not think romance when you think of Pirates. They tend to have poor personal hygiene and a bit of an attitude sometimes (this does sound like someone I dated). However, upon further analysis there are some Valentine's Day lessons that we can learn from Pirates.

Hoist yer Colors:
Valentine's Day is a great day to wear red and show the world how in love you are.

Covet thine Treasure:
You should show the one you love how much you treasure them all year round, but Valentine's Day is the romantic reminder.

Thar be but One Lady in yer Life:
For Pirates, that lady is the ship. This level of devotion and respect to a lady is admirable.

Splice the Mainbrace:
This is pirate speak for "Have a drink!" Take a moment to toast to your mate.

A Love of Jewels and Doubloons:
Jewelry is often a the way to a woman's heart. I like jewelry, but in my case you are better off giving me some chocolate gold coins.

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