Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sea Dog Saturday - Oliver

This handsome boy napping above is Oliver. I love this name and it was a contender for The First Mate, but The Captain vetoed it because it sounded like a dog's name. I guess he may have been on to something. Charity submitted this sweet story using my easy form.

Charity and Oliver

Oliver is a 7 year old German Shepherd and Chow Chow mix. He was a Craigslist find in the free to a good home section. Charity recalls when he came joined the family, "We got him when he was just 7 weeks old after his mother refused to care for him. He was a terrible puppy who wreaked havoc on the house for a good two years, but with a lot of patience, we managed to get him trained."

"Although he was naughty and not blessed with brains, he has always had a heart of gold. Although he is a big dog, he turned my mother from being very afraid of dogs into a woman who will actually go up and ask to pet other people's dogs. Instead of capitalizing on her fear like most dogs would, he just loved her like crazy from the beginning until she couldn't help but love him, too."

Oliver with his Beagle buddy Stella, age 7

Oliver has become quite the protector too, says Charity. "My husband travels a lot these days, which brings out one more of Oliver's special qualities. Whenever my husband goes out of town, Oliver insists on sleeping downstairs in front of the door. I always try to invite him to come upstairs to sleep on his bed in our room, but he refuses to budge. I think it's his way of stepping up and being the man of the house while my hubby's out."

Charity is the voice behind Spare Time Supermom so be sure to visit her blog for more stories from a working mom who can still do it all. Thanks for sharing Charity, and maybe we can hear Stella's story too!

If you would like to showcase your pet on Sea Dog Saturday fill out the Submit Your Sea Dog form.

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