Saturday, February 9, 2013

Ship's Cat Saturday - Coco

This is the first Ship's Cat Saturday thanks to a suggestion from Coco's Mom Carole from Toot Sweet 4 Two. She shares the story of her handsome cat Coco, a Snowshoe Siamese.

Yes, Coco is a boy. He joined their family when he was just 8 weeks old. They never intended to get a male cat when they went to the Humane Society that day, but Coco had his own plans. You can read more about the day Coco adopted Carole and Charlie in A Boy Named Coco.

Coco ended up at the Humane Society after being abandoned at birth and discovered on the side of the road. This trauma did seem to have an affect on his personality. Coco isn't very affectionate and won't curl up on your lap. He isn't really sure how to show love. Carole shares "When he was new to us at 8 weeks old, I worked and worked and worked with him, trying to get him to sit in our lap for a snuggle and a pet.  But, he would just look at us, as if confused, with us big blue eyes and jump down."

Asking for a belly rub
Coco does still show affection in his own way. He sits beside Carole every night and wants him tummy rubbed. He plays fetch with his Midnight Crazy balls down the hall and Coco has a whole "ritual of shenanigans" as Carole calls them. This blue-eyed beauty shares the bed with Carole and Charlie and in return he shares his companionship and love with them. I call that a great trade off.
Playing with Midnight Crazies

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  1. Such a pretty boy! Thanks for sharing his story, Elizabeth!

  2. No problem Carole. He is gorgeous! Thanks for starting off Ship's Cat Saturday.


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