Saturday, February 16, 2013

Ship's Cat Saturday - Lucy

I've already shared about our pug crew of three, Ruby, Jackson, and Bailey. There is another furry friend in our house, and I'm not referring to The Captain.

This is Lucy, my parent's cat. She was adopted from a local shelter when she was still a kitten. They weren't sure of her breed at first, but I researched and discovered she is a Norwegian Forest Cat. The are somewhat rare in the United States. A characteristic trait of this breed is the tufts of fur on the bottom of their paws. So cute!

Lucy is still adjusting to having K-9 roommates. She rarely ventures out of her bedroom. When she does get bold she will have her fun teasing the pugs through the baby gates. Hopefully they learn to coexist at some point.

The First Mate is slightly obsessed with Lucy. Whenever you walk by her room he lets out a "Meow!" He loves to help feed her and pet her fluffy, soft fur. He even gives her hugs and kisses.

Lucy will gladly accept a belly rub or a scratch behind the ears and reward you with a purr. She is a sweet girl who likes attention, but usually only on her terms. In other words, a typical cat.

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