Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Back to My Roots

If you've read my mini bio then you know I change my hair color often. 
I get bored with the same hair style and I finally decided it had been the same for far too long. It isn't an easy feat to go from black to any other color. It's even more difficult to do when you have a toddler running around. It's near impossible when that toddler always has a hand on your hair.

It's his comfort to tug on my hair. The First Mate does it while he is nursing, while I'm holding him, pretty much anytime he can reach my hair it's in his grasp. If I tried to dye it with him around it would end in disaster. 

This means my roots get inches longer than they should and my hair only gets dyed once in a blue moon. I took complete advantage of my recent vacation to redo my do. 

Some of my old hairstyles. There were so many more that I can't find pictures of.

It's normally a 2 day process to remove the black and switch to another color. I decided to take my chances and do it all one day. I figured my hair is short enough that I couldn't hurt it that bad. Besides, I have very cooperative hair when it comes to dying. It does what I tell it and doesn't fall out. 

So here are some dreadful photos of before, during and after.

What do you think of the end result?


  1. cute! i like it! :) i love so many of your 'do's!!

    1. Thanks. I wish I could have found more crazy color picks. They all are in real developed photos, so who knows where they ended up.

  2. love it!that cut seriously looks so good on you. I think your hair was just black when we met. please tell me how you got all of your black out?!? I am seriously dreading the prices to strip mine at the salon and feel pretty confident in doing it myself.

    1. Thanks Stacie. I usually go to Sally's and get color stripper. It lightens it a good amount. Then the following day I bleach it. Even then it will still have an orangish red color, but be mostly blonde. This time I skipped the stripper and just bleached it. It worked out since I knew I was going red. My hair is naturally blonde (though red as a kid) so it bleaches to Billy Idol white in 10 minutes usually. The ends are always the most stubborn, but you can trim those off.


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