Saturday, March 30, 2013

Quick and Easy Eco-Friendly Easter Basket

Some practical tips to eliminating Easter basket excess.

We weren't quite sure if we were going to make a big hoopla about Easter this year for The First Mate. I was raised as a Catholic, but I'm not anymore and The Captain has never been one to go to church. We, however, enjoy the day off work (one of the few holidays the malls are closed) and spending time with our families that do make a hoopla about Easter.

I decided it would be fun for The First Mate to hunt for eggs in the backyard and I could throw together a mom approved basket. I know I will spend Easter Sunday thwarting attempts to give my son sugar, candy, and other things he cannot and doesn't need. The least I could do was give him a basket of goodies he can use and enjoy.

So off to Target I went determined to only spend a little. Isn't that how all Target trips start? Then you walk in and are hypnotized by that red bulls eye's mind control powers and walk out with all the things!!! I started off in the dollar spot, but once I got to Target's Easter aisle it was all over. I had to get the treasure chest basket ($10!) and the Tow Mater Easter eggs ($2.50 for 3!).

Treasure chest Easter Basket!

I ended up with all of these Easter basket goodies, a new outfit for The First Mate, and some other household items. Damn you Target!

Great Easter Basket ideas. Much better than jelly beans.

I decided to put together his basket while he played around the house. Bad idea. Toddlers will find you and interfere. They are like heat seeking missiles that search and destroy. Luckily he is still young enough that they will still be equally as exciting tomorrow.

My Easter basket assistant.

Here are a few tips for Easter Basket success that I stuck to:

Get items that will last after Easter

The basket and plastic eggs will be used for years to come. I also bought an Easter book we can read each year, or all the time if he wants to.

Buy what you need

I bought things The First Mate was in need of anyways, plates, utensils, a cup, and small $1 toys he will play with.

Avoid the junk

A sweet treat here and their is fine, but health is important to me. I know others will be giving him sweets, so I'll stick to healthier options.
Tow Mater Easter "eggs"

Just say NO to grass

Don't worry, this didn't take a strange after school special turn. Don't waste money and trees with buying plastic or paper grass to stuff your basket. I just used plastic eggs stuffed with bunny grahams to take up space. I also bought a small basket and a lot of stuff.
Healthy Easter Basket alternatives to candy and sweets.

Prep before presenting

I took everything out of the package (except the chalk). I made sure to prewash all of the items he would use. I know he will want to use them right away. I will also fill his new cup with water before he gets his basket tomorrow.

Here is the complete basket treasure chest.

Some practical tips to eliminating Easter basket excess.

What's in your Easter Basket?


  1. very cute!! i love the mater 'eggs'! & the treasure chest basket!! my momma is the big holiday person in our family, so she is the basket-maker.. she knows that we don't do sugar etc. & thankfully is very accomodating so i'm sure our baskets will have eggs filled with organic fruit snacks, pennies, & cheap-o plastic toys! :D hope the little one has a fun day!!

    1. Thanks Meleakua. He was thrilled with his basket and became quite the pro at collecting Easter eggs. He did it at three different houses. I hope you had a good Easter and enjoyed your organic fruit snacks. :)


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