Monday, March 11, 2013

Mommy Brain or Mommy Blunder

You've probably heard of pregnancy brain (no, I am NOT pregnant) and how it makes a mom to be forget nearly everything. Then, 9 months later, it turns into Mommy brain. I always thought this ended after the newborn stage because moms start getting more rest. Then I learned the hard way that rest will never come again.

This past week I had a serious case of Mommy brain. I scheduled The First Mate's 18 month well visit. Then I realized The Captain couldn't go, so I rescheduled. That's no big deal you're saying. Who cares? Well there was another problem with the appointment.

My son is only 17 months old.

I forgot how old he was!

I've already gone over the reasons I should walk the plank as a mom before, but this time I've really done it. I am possibly the worst mom ever, at least that's how I feel. How could I forget how old my own (and only) child is?

In an effort to take some of the guilt blame off of myself I decided the following 3 things are to blame:

1. February: This stupid month is too short and throws everyone out of whack. It is also one of the busiest months at work, so life got pretty hectic. I blame the craziness that is February for my discombobulation.

2. Citrus Lane: Why? Well they ship boxes on the 15th of each month and each box is specific to your child's age. The First Mate was born early in the month, so they round him up in their system. If you are unfamiliar with Citrus Lane go visit them through my referral link. If you choose to subscribe you'll save $10.

See, they told me he was older!

3. Sleep Deprivation: If you've seen some of my posts about sleep (Only in My DreamsMidnight MutinyAll I Want for Christmas is My Son to Sleep), then you know I get very little of it. I think this plays a big part in my occasional brain failure. In fact, I think it may be the leading cause in this and most other Mommy brain occurrences.

Have you ever suffered from Mommy brain or I-suck-as-a-mom-itis?


  1. It was probably your subconscious feeling that your son is very advanced for his age...and your excellent plan-ahead skills!

  2. I agree it doesn't end! My kids are 7 and 9 and I still have mommy brain. I blame lack of sleep!

    1. It seems like it only gets worse as the kids age and more are added to the bunch. I think lack if sleep is always to blame. I miss my pillow.

  3. I just want to say that TWICE now, I've shown up for my son's well visits two days early. I think the receptionist is going to put it on my permanent record if I do it again. I was fine with one kid but once the second one came, I started having to write things down rather than remember them in my head.

    1. Thank goodness that hasn't happened yet. However, kudos to you for being early. Usually the kids and mommy brain result in serious tardiness.


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