Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Only in My Dreams

Lately I've been having amazing and vivid dreams. I'm not sure how considering The First Mate has been sleeping terribly as of late. They are the type of dreams that seem so real I think it must be reality.

So what has been dancing through my head while I snooze?


I am dreaming of chores getting done, laundry put away, and loose ends being tied up at work. Yes, clearly I am dreaming.

The sad part of this whole thing is that I really wake up thinking I completed something. I walked into work and was shocked to see a full bin of damages awaiting my attention. (I'll get to it today, I swear). I went downstairs only to see that everything was still a mess. I looked for my clean work pants with the rip sewn up and found them un-repaired on the floor.

I'm am not a dream analyst (if you are feel free to share your interpretations) but I think this means I have failed at my former perfectionist standards. I like to do it all, but it really can't be done. Not unless your standards are set lower. My dreams are either telling me to step it up or give it up. Maybe they are just reminding of all the things I need to do and ignore forget.

However, the more likely meaning is less related to the completed tasks and more related to the sleep. It's my body reminding me that sleep is vital to keeping me happy and productive. When I sleep I am rewarded with perfectionist dreamland. If I keep getting little or poor sleep then I won't be able to enjoy the perfection my dreams have shown me.

So next time I have a big to do, I'll take a nap.

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