Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - March

It's the first Tuesday of the month and that means another installment of Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday. I compile all the ridiculous stuff The First Mate has said and done for your enjoyment.

Since February was a short month, I wasn't sure I would have enough material for a SMTT post. The First Mate started out pretty sweet and well behaved. He must have heard me and kicked it into high gear the last week or so. 

Sometimes The First Mate is polite and well-mannered. He even offers to give me a hug and share his food from time to time.

Sometimes he even plays well with others, like Jackson. Who knew pugs were perfect for building things with Mega Blocks?

Here he is deep in though, probably planning his next move!

Look familiar?

Other times he just makes me laugh. He woke up from yesterday's nap looking like this and said "Kewl." (That's 'cool' with a baby accent)

Yes, this is a blurry pic, but have you tried capturing a toddler? It's tough.
This was the topper though:

The First Mate (like most toddler boys) likes to grab his bits during diaper changes. Following a diaper change he decided to stick his fingers in my face. Naturally I said:

"Your hands smell like stinky wiener." 

He then proceeded to put his finger in my eye, so I replied:

"I don't want your stinky wiener in my eye!"

However, I almost forgot this last one. The First Mate handed this to me and said "Thank you." 

That would be an animal tooth, complete with root and fur. I assume it's from one of the pugs, but who knows.
My child handed me another creatures tooth, that is truly nothing I ever expected out of motherhood.

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