Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Best Things in Life are Free

On my way upstairs to change a dirty diaper the other day, I saw something out the window in the neighbor's drive way. It was a well loved kids play set that had a "FREE" sign taped to it. It was intriguing enough to make me rush to change a diaper.

We decided to check out the free find on a trip across the street to get the mail. This is one of The First Mate's favorite activities to do with his grandparents. He asks for the key as soon as he sees one of them and it's off to get the mail. 

As soon as we came upon the play set he climbed up into it as if claiming it as his own. He ignored my warnings of spider webs and dirt, like the boy he is. That same boy enjoyed shaking the entire set so it rattled and threatened to collapse. I again, cringed, but he was a having a good time. With the help of his Papa we carried it across the street and to it's new home.

Once it was clean, I let him out to play. This was the probably the happiest I have ever seen his cute little face. 

He won't fit in it much longer, well, he barely fits in it now. Once he's over it we will pass it along to the another kid to experience the same smiles.

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