Saturday, April 6, 2013

A Real Vick: Half a Beer Makes Me Ranty & Retweetable

Last night I was putting The First Mate down for the night and getting caught up on my social media. I saw a photo circulating on Facebook about Michael Vick's new clothing line "Redemption." It was juxtaposed with a photo of one of his pit bulls he had beaten and hung up for not being a prize fighter. I shared it on twitter in the following tweet:

Click the link to the photo if you would like to see it, but please note it is very graphic.

I plugged my phone in to charge and went to drink a beer with dinner. Actually, half a beer. I am the ultimate light weight since I have had maybe a total of 6 drinks in the past 27 months. When I went back upstairs, intending to go to bed in my hops-induced drowsiness, I saw that my tweet had gotten a bit of attention.

Luckily the majority was in agreement with a retweet. There were a few who disagreed, and one who was ready to debate.

I am not one to turn down a debate, even when I am ready for bed. In case you haven't heard me mention it before, I am a researcher. I pride myself on knowing the facts, whether useful or useless. I was prepared for this tweet-off with my opponent.

It started off with a response from a twitter user with 3 followers, who I will note only has 1 now (and it sure isn't me, in fact it's Farrah from MTV's Teen Mom series). 

Here is how it started:

I won't post the entire conversation here, just highlights, but feel free to view it on twitter. I have screen shots in case it gets deleted too. Remember once it's on the Internet, it's forever.

To which I replied with two out of the many articles and findings on the subject. My HootSuite account still shows that the links were not clicked, so maybe he really wouldn't "love to read it."

As it progressed, I must say it stayed pretty civil. I am surprised too for a few reasons. 

  1. I am very passionate about my dislike for Michael Vick and all animal abusers
  2. I had some beer
  3. It's the Internet and people are assholes
I even pointed out the civility of it all out in another tweet.

I thought I may have spoken too soon when @Maddogg7711  came at me with this gem, but it calmed back down.

He went on and made poor comparisons to smokers and cancer, Mike Tyson, and weathermen. Eventually it came to an amicable end from two different sides of the issue.

This banter back and forth lasted for 2 plus hours. So much for my early bedtime, and a waste of my beer buzz.

Have you been sucked into a twitter debate? 

By the way I did get Jon Smith's permission to mention him in this post. Feel free to follow him (he needs more followers) and maybe start up another twitter debate. Keep it civil of course.


  1. I woke up with a headache from last night and after you told me you were gonna do a blog I searched. Btw I did read one of those links but already knew what it was going to say. Lets start with my lack of twitter followers I block them all beacuse I just like like to pull info and porn from twitter. I have nothing important to say and if I did it wouldn't be on social media. I'd tell it to people that know me. For my comparisons I had reference you said he is most likely to harm people so I was giving you people that fucked up in their early life (you forgot Danny Trejo) but have rehabilitated to be better in society. As for the smokers like I said not all get cancer to you your link that animal cruelty leads to harming humans and as for weathermen they make educated guess like you did and are wrong.

  2. The only reason I pulled "the women card" is because I was judging them just like you did with Vick. Which is unfair to generalize. My point was that you might hate the guy but people deserve second chances to see what they do after their mistakes. You were bashing him at why he still has a job and look at Ray Lewis in my opinion he killed those people but is a changed man and just lead his team for a Super Bowl. I am not a fan of either of them but realize that everyday they wake up and have to live with themselves and as long as they don't do it again I am willing to give them a second chance. Thanks for the debate that's why we have freedom of speech. I do bet that their is someone out there that you know or like that has made mistakes and you still talk to or are a fan of.

    1. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your side of it. I think the only reason Vick doesn't keep dog fighting is because he is legally forbidden. I believe there are certain things that are unforgivable and aren't deserving of second chances. That's a benefit of being an atheist I guess. I can believe that and there is no one to tell me otherwise. ;)

  3. One last thing don't follow me on twitter or write me. I don't care about how many followers I have and don't have anything important to say to people I don't know thanks again

  4. Urggghhh Michael Vick. The Christian in me says "Forgive as you have been forgiven," but the dog mom in me says, "Tear his arms off and feed them to Oliver." But I am trying to pray for him instead.

    On another note, one of the last drinks I had before finding out I was pregnant was in Turkey, where, due to a language barrier, I accidentally ordered a whole bottle of wine instead of a glass. Not wanting to be wasteful, I drank all but about half a glass on my own. I am curious to see what my capacity will be like once little man arrives.

    1. As I said above to JS, I think some people don't deserve to be forgiven. Those dogs were innocent victims whom he beat and murdered without a second thought. That kind of person doesn't have any redeeming qualities, to reference his clothing line. If I were the praying kind, I don't think I could devote my time to him. I don't feel he is remorseful, just mad he was caught.

      As for wine, I used to be able to drink 2 glasses no problem and a 3rd would make me sleepy. The night The First Mate was conceived we went out with friends and I probably had 3 or 4 beers. I don't really miss it though. The way I look at it is I'm saving money.

      Side note: That is probably the weirdest grouping of topics in one comment.

    2. Hahaha, oh really is. I don't miss the booze much either, but sometimes I just stare at my coffee pot and fantasize about making a whole pot of coffee and drinking the whole thing.


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