Monday, April 22, 2013

Make Every Day Earth Day

Adapted from Earth - Illustration by DonkeyHotey via CC 2.0
Happy Earth Day!

I had an Earth Day revelation. Earth Day is like any other holiday. We give extra thanks and love on that day (i.e. Mother's Day, Valentine's Day, etc.) We should really be showing that person the same amount of love and gratitude daily.

Mother Earth is no different. She is the ultimate Mother. She provides us shelter, food, water, warmth, and so much more. We owe her everything and should show her that respect.

I have decided to start a new tradition on Earth Day in my family. Each year, on Earth Day we make one change to be more green and do better for our planet.

We already recycle, use reusable bags, bring our own water jugs, cloth diaper, and I drive an electric vehicle, if I ever get it back from the shop. So what's next?


Colourful Vegetables by Jeremy Keith via CC 2.0

What does food have to do with helping the planet? Well, a lot. Here are my food goals and how they can impact the Earth:

Eat more whole foods

Foods with a one or two ingredient list versus a whole paragraph are much more economical to produce. It takes a lot of energy to run a big factory and a laboratory to create processed food.

Eat local when possible

Local ingredients are great for so many reasons. It supports local farmers and it encourages eating in season. Food tastes better and fresher. Yum. By eliminating the travel of food on trucks, boats, planes, etc. It also helps protect the land and soil locally.

Eat organic

Organic foods don't have an array of pesticides sprayed on them, or worse, chemicals injected into their very genetic makeup (GMOs). This is better for the environment in so many ways. It protects the Earth from harmful chemicals. Did you know our bee population is in danger because of pesticides? They are critical to our ecosystem.

Cook from Scratch

By making foods yourself you are controlling the ingredients. If you are implementing the above steps to choosing your food, then you've already made a positive impact. Another great thing about cooking from scratch is the elimination or reduction in packaging. No more fast food wrappers, bags, utensils, ketchup packets, and more. No more trash from store bought packages. This really adds up.

Perfect Portions

This saves on food waste and your waistline. By eating smaller portions you make the most of your food. You can still cook a large quantity, just freeze leftovers for a later meal. If you're still hungry, eat more. If your full after one helping you haven't wasted any. An added bonus is a healthier body. This can mean less medication and fewer doctor's visits. That is a reduction in energy for the medication as well as the travel to and from the Doctor's office. Every lite bit counts.

You can also help out Mother Earth by eating less meat. I'm already a vegetarian, so I didn't include it in my list of food goals. It takes a lot of resources to raise an animal for consumption. By eating meat fewer times a week, or not at all, you can make quite an impact.

This will be a challenge for our family. It is definitely not an overnight change, but a gradual one. I am committed to working towards better food choices and taking the steps to get there. I'll share with you along the way, and you can hold me accountable. Feel free to join along!

What are ways you can change to honor our Earth?


  1. love these ideas!! And you're right, such a great and easy way to love our earth every day.

    1. Thanks Laura. Your Earth Day upcycle was adorable!


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