Monday, April 1, 2013

Pirate's Log - March

Here goes another monthly recap so you can catch up on anything you missed or revisit your favorites. I feel like March had more posts than usual.

vintage valentine: pirate by Karen Horton via CC 2.0

Pirate's Log - February: This is the review for February. It's full of lovey dovey posts and some not so lovey dovey ones too.

Easy Minute® Rice Stuffed Peppers: I love stuffed peppers, but hate how long they take to make. I created this easy recipe that is ready in 15 minutes. Seriously.

Shiver Me Timbers Tuesday - March: A monthly series that showcases the ridiculous stuff my child does and says. Essentially, the life of a parent.

Only in My Dreams: I was having some amazing and vivid dreams that felt like real life. Then I would wake up and get smacked in the face with reality. 

Thankful Thursdays: I strongly encourage you to recognize what you are thankful for in life. This series has helped me stay positive at least once a week. That may not sound like much, but from a cynical sarcastic sassy-pants, that's a lot.

Thankful Thursdays #19
Thankful Thursdays #20
Thankful Thursdays #21
Thankful Thursdays #22

Green Child Magazine: If you have never heard of GCM then you need to check it out. I have become a GCM blogger and you get some cool stuff out of it. 

Mommy Brain or Mommy Blunder: I pretty much sucked as a mom and blamed it on lack of sleep. Moms are allowed to do that, right?

Your First Pirate Peek at Green Child Magazine: Remember how I said you get cool stuff regarding GCM? Here is an example. It's a rundown of my favorite stuff from the latest issue. 

The First Mate Meets The Ocean: We took a weekend beach trip and The First Mate put his feet in the sand for the first time. He loved it and I took lots of pictures.

Lucky: Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Best Things in Life are Free: We basically became dumpster divers and it made my child smile the cutest smile ever.

Citrus Lane March Box: Look at the Loot: I stuck around with Citrus Lane and share the cool stuff that came in March.

Boy or Girl?: A ploy to get Cheerful Homemaker to reveal the sex of her baby.

Sea Lions and See Lines: We actually took a family vacation! We did a lot of fun stuff for The First Mate. It's all detailed here.

Back to My Roots: I changed up my hair color and it didn't traumatize my child. Yay! You can also look at some of my hairs styles over the years.

Eco Easter: Our Last Minute Easter Basket: I decided to make an Easter basket for The First Mate and did my best to make is a little more green than the norm.

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