Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Sick Husbands Suck

What's worse than a sick toddler? A sick husband! You've probably been there before. They are needy, whiny, and pouty. It's like caring for a giant toddler who has full use of his vocabulary and developed motor skills.

The last time The First Mate was sick. 

What's weird though is The Captain is beyond this level of sick. He is now officially double infected. The Doctor said so. Apparently this degree of sick takes him from whiny to sad.

He is so miserable that I feel bad for him. He can't even get a good pout going because he's too concerned with breaking a rib when he coughs. I haven't been bossed around yet because he doesn't have the energy. He can't even be needy because he'd rather take a coma.

I can't decide how I feel about all of this. On the one hand I dislike seeing him so dismal and in pain. On the other hand it's nice to get a break from the typical sick husband ordeal. I sense that an entire house of sickness may be upon us soon, so I'll take what little break I've got.

What's your strategy for dealing with a sick household?

What do you think is worse, a sick kid or a sick grown man?


  1. That sounds awful! I hope he gets better soon. My husband is lucky and pretty much never gets sick. The one time he got really sick was out of nervousness when I was in labor with our first baby. He only came out of the bathroom when I started pushing!

    1. I am just trying to keep myself well. If I have to get on medication to fight something fierce like my husband has then I would have to quit nursing. That would make me sad and I am pretty sure my son would FLIP out. I refuse to get sick.

      I was the only one that got sick during labor, but unfortunately it was at my husband's expense. He was the one who had to hold the bucket.


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