Tuesday, April 16, 2013

What Now? The Boston Marathon Tragedy

My dad drove me into work yesterday, because my car is still in the shop. We listened to the radio and heard of the explosions at the Boston Marathon finish line. He reminded me that my sister took the day off to celebrate the marathon with friends. She has lived in Boston for over 10 years and never been to the marathon before. What are the odds of that? I immediately texted her to make sure she was ok. After a very long twelve minutes, I was lucky enough to receive a response that they were fine and indoors when it happened.

There are too many people who didn't get that text. Too many people who aren't "fine." There are just too many tragedies.

I find myself, like so many, asking questions. Why would someone do this? Who is responsible? Really, an eight year old?! How do we stop these all too frequent situations? What has happened to the world we live in?

I try to focus on the idea that humanity is still good. The first responders who jumped in to help are proof of that. The rush of blood donors are proof of that. One of my favorite reminders of this is from Patton Oswalt, which you should read here.

Yet, with all of the good outnumbering the evil, these tragedies still happen. They still happen, what seems like ALL THE TIME. As soon as we begin to heal from one heart wrenching attack, the next is upon us. Is this just the world we live in, or is there more to it?

Is there even an answer to all these questions?

I don't like weighing in on these tragedies, but I can't continue this dialogue with myself. Please chime in and share your thoughts.

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