Monday, May 27, 2013

Boob Destiny

Boobs have always been a big part of my life (pun intended). I started wearing bras at a young age and had far too many traumatic experiences in the Mervyn's bra section, including an uncomfortable bra fitting from a forceful salesperson. 

Measuring Tape

Perhaps those experiences led me to my current career in the lingerie industry, where bra fittings are a crucial day to day part of the business. I would have said my boob destiny breastiny was fulfilled. Then I had a child.

I knew I wanted to breastfeed my child well before I was pregnant. Like many not yet moms, I had an idea about breastfeeding and what it entailed. Then I became pregnant and started to research and learned SO much more. Then I had the baby and actually started nursing, only to realize there was so much I hadn't found through google or Kelly Mom. 

Let me preface this by saying I love breastfeeding and I wouldn't change a thing. I must also admit that The First Mate had a near perfect latch from birth and we have avoided any real issues. The only problems we really encountered were sore nipples and the typical new mommy paranoia of "is he getting enough?"

Nurse The Baby from Children's Bureau Centennial via CC 2.0
1930s pro breastfeeding poster

My initial goal was to nurse past one year. That was my set in stone goal from the start. I remember crying just a few days after The First Mate was born when someone suggested a pacifier. I told The Captain that I had to breastfeed, it was the only option and we hadn't budgeted for formula costs. I was determined to get past that first year, but I had a second goal in my mind. I wanted to nurse until HE was ready to wean. I, again, wasn't quite prepared for this. 

After 19 months, as we continue our nursing journey together I realized there is something you can never prepare for and that no one tells you. 

Your boobs are no longer your body part. 

You leased them out to this little person. Your child will use them when he or she wants, and you will oblige. They will be whipped out, poked, tweaked, and twisted without your permission. Your child will have first dibs on them over your partner. There will always be a hand down your shirt, and not only will you get used to it, you will just let it happen and continue conversations with strangers anyways. You will try to break the suction from a sleeping baby and they will grasp stronger. You will wonder if he or she will ever let go. Your child will demand a favorite breast or insist on a certain position. You will, if even for a moment, get touched out and just want your boobs to be left alone. 

However, you will never regret it. 


  1. Replies
    1. Right? It's the truth. I was reading this comment while trying to release my child from my bosom, again.

  2. My daughter is 2 and half and ...still nursing!

    1. Way to go. I never thought we would get this far (going on 20 months) but I can't imagine not nursing him now!

  3. I totally remember the feeling of being "touched out", a phrase I never understood until the second nursling who was on the boob close to two years. You are so right though, no regrets at all.

    1. It's tough with a bossy toddler. I am still enjoying it most of the time, so we will continue on for now. I remember you describing that feeling and it really isn't something you can grasp until you're there.


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