Friday, May 3, 2013

How to Cool Baby Fever

It seems that everyone I know is pregnant or trying to become pregnant. I am not included in this group, though I want another child and really enjoyed pregnancy and... gasp... LABOR. I do have slight baby fever now that The First Mate is nearing his second birthday and constantly reminding me he isn't a baby anymore. I find myself looking at old photos of his squishiness and getting sentimental. In fact I even cried at a recent trip to Sea World when they showed Shamu's water birth. Really, that happened. Occasionally I have rested my hand on my belly or given it a rub like I used to during The First Mate's 9 month residency. Maybe this just means I need to step it up in the weight loss department (which I do) or maybe it's my lady parts telling me I should create life. Whatever it means, I refuse to be pregnant in my parent's home, even if I am nearing 30 and married with a toddler. 

Look at those chubby arms and tell me it doesn't make your ovaries ache.

So, my baby fever has been redirected towards my pregnant peers. I am living vicariously through them while secretly shopping their registries and browsing all the new must have products. I just discovered my new favorite online store for parents, PishPoshBabyIn exchange for sharing their awesome store with you, I received a gift card to use as some retail therapy to heal my baby fever. I've spent quite some time surfing their site for both the perfect gifts and my own wish list.

After chatting with a pregnant friend the other day, who's son was The First Mate's first play mate, I used it as an excuse to browse for baby gifts. I found the perfect nursery art! She loves steam punk (a fusion of science fiction and the Victorian Era- think gears and goggles) and the Glenna Jean Urban Cowboy Wall Decal - Multi Circle was so fitting. The other circle designs would work great to create a cute triptych on the wall.

As I looked around the site further, I naturally typed "pirate" into the search box to see what The First Mate would like need. The coolest toy I have ever seen came up. The Anatex Funny People Twister Panel allows kids to mix and match body parts between pirates, mermaids, construction workers and more. It's kind of hard to explain, so you may just have to check it out to understand it's full awesomeness. I think this may be his second birthday present.

All this "window" shopping was making my loins ache a bit, so naturally I looked at crib bedding, the kryptonite of cuteness. Seriously, why do I do this to myself? I found the most darling Skip Hop Pretty Penant Bedding Set. It doesn't include the useless bumpers, but instead the Skip Hop Pretty Penant Complete Sheet gives you the look of a bumper with the safety of a fitted sheet. I have never seen such a smart design. I decided this set was made with Jenny at The Cloth Diaper Revival in mind. It matches her entire website, so when she gets her bfp (big fat positive for those not hip to the lingo) it should be her present to herself for all her hard work conceiving.

I think my baby fever can be contained, for now, with the combination of toddler tantrums and PishPoshBaby perusing. However, if The First Mate repeats his recent shocker of sleeping eight hours straight, I may entertain the idea of baby number two a little more.

This post was sponsored by PishPoshBaby. The baby fever and opinions expressed are my own. I did receive a gift card as compensation for this post and intend to use it to buy some of the awesome products they carry.


  1. I LOVE that Skip Hop sheet set. Like I NEED a girl so I can buy it! So cute!

  2. The pretty pennant set is so cute! I can see myself spending hours on this site...

    1. It's proven to be pretty addictive so far. I'm might be tempted to click over and look right now. :)


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