Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Merry Christmas Round Two

We had a wonderful Christmas last night. A delicious prime rib and twice baked potato dinner with family was followed by the chaotic opening of presents by The First Mate. No, you are not reading an old post, Second Christmas was yesterday. 

Okay, so I suppose I should elaborate and clarify this festive confusion you may be experiencing while reading this. My sister lives in Boston and we just can't all get together as a family for Christmas in December. We all work retail jobs, so time off during the holidays is pretty much forbidden. A year or so ago we decided to celebrate Christmas when she could make it to San Diego. This happened in February and it was great. We really felt like it was Christmas all over again. It has since become a tradition complete with tree, holiday music, and presents. This year, due to demanding work schedules, our Second Christmas happened in mid May. 

Nevertheless it was just as special. My mom has left the tree up all this time in the front window of the house (don't worry, it's fake). Any delivery people or Jehovah's witnesses think we must be crazy when they walk up to the house and see a tree proudly decorated and displayed. 

Melissa & Doug Car Carrier from {affiliate link}
The First Mate had a blast this time around with a very car Christmas. He got this cool {affiliate link} Melissa & Doug Car Carrier and a mat to drive his cars and trains on. We loaded him up with new summer clothes too, but he was not amused with those. In the end it was a great night and I enjoyed the family, food, presents and extra time to shop. 

I know you probably didn't celebrate Christmas yesterday, but does your family have an weird traditions? I know we can't be the only ones who do crazy things like this, right?

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