Friday, May 24, 2013

One Thing I Love About Summer

It is almost Summer and here in San Diego that means, lots of sun, sandals, sea, and sand!

The only problem with that is I am a fierce shade of pale, I think feet are gross, and I don't like when the beach touches me. I will admit it's beautiful to look at and The First Mate loved playing in the sand. However, my idea of enjoying summer is avoiding a sunburn and getting some me time. In fact I did just that last night by reading the new summer issue of Green Child Magazine.

You may remember me mentioning GCM a months back when I shared my favorite things from their spring issue. One of my favorite parts is the Your Green Child Section and I have always been meaning  to send in a photo of The First Mate. I actually remembered to submit a photo and it was included in the summer issue! The very first page I flipped to was Your Green Child, and there was MY green child smelling some flowers.

Here's a pic I snapped when I saw The First Mate!

Then, after getting the biggest smile on my face, I continued on with my green me time and started back at the beginning of the issue. This magazine continues to be my absolute favorite, as each issue is jam packed with relevant articles, information, and products. The products are really going to get me into trouble, because I want to buy all the things.

I mean who doesn't want a purse that charges your phone. IT'S REAL PEOPLE! I just spent a good chuck of time browsing amazon {affiliate link} for my favorite style and color. This one in the Grass is my favorite, in case you were wondering, but there are so many pretty bags! There is even a bag for an iPad, which would be a perfect fit now that your can get the Green Child Magazine App to view it on the go. In case you were wondering again, I don't have an iPad, but if I did it would fit inside that lovely bag right there. 

It also seems GCM is right inside my head. There was a wonderful piece about the foods that are in season and shopping at local farmer's markets. If you recall my Earth Day pledge, I am really making an effort to eat real food, preferably local. The recipes included in the magazine look delicious and I can even make the sorbet for The First Mate since it doesn't contain dairy.

The best part of each issue is that it is FREE! Follow this link for your free subscription to Green Child Magazine.

In case you were wondering yet again, I was not compensated in any way for this post. I just really love the magazine and was excited to share the published photo of The First Mate. I am a GCM blogger, but this post was written entirely on my own.

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