Friday, May 10, 2013

The Internet Gave Me a Social Life

I've never been much of a people person. I like an empty chair between me and a stranger at the movies. I don't like small talk with bank tellers. Hugs make my body feel weird like I just saw a spider.  So why the hell I got a retail job that deals with people all day long, I'm not sure. This Internet blogger thing seems much better suited to my personality.

Theater Seats
Don't even think about using my armrest!

At least that's what I thought. I figured you don't really deal with people IRL (that's Internet speak for "in real life" because talking in codes helps identify the Internet outsiders). I assumed my general aversion to people would work well in this field. 

Then something happened. The Internet gave me a social life. I'm not just talking social media, though you can follow me on twitter, Facebook, Google +, Pinterest, email, and I'm sure a few other places by the time you finish reading this. It turns out, I have gone out more in the past month than I have in probably the last nine months! Oh, and I've enjoyed it too.

Yes, since becoming a mom I rarely go out unless it's to get groceries or browse the kids clearance section at Target. I think this is in part due to my full time job and seeing people all day, and part to having a kid. It's a lot of work to pack up a toddler and enough stuff to keep him somewhat amused. Then, if he doesn't have a perfectly timed nap it's like waiting for a bomb to explode. 

Toddler Tantrum
Someone else's cranky toddler.

Although I joke that I don't like people, that isn't really the case. I like my kind of people. People who get me and I get them. This isn't saying my kind of people are just like me. Many of my friends and I are very different. Usually we just connect on some level of common ground and things grow from there. 

That's why the blogging community is so great. They understand one another and support each other. We all blog for different reasons, but I think the community is what helps us grow. This online world has led to both work opportunities, real friendships, and in some cases, getting out of the house! 

Thanks Internet!


  1. it's crazy, and sometimes i think a little sad, but true. social media can be a great 'life' saver. my fave social spot is ig. and i've met a lot of great irl friends through the net.


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