Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Make Yourself Uncomfortable

An Uncomfortable Bed by sabreguy29 via CC 2.0

Don't worry. This isn't a TMI post that is going to leave you answering that question with "Very." If you want to read one of those, I suggest this one about my period. This post is something completely different.

I attended a training this weekend for a new business venture I am embarking on and one of the speakers talked about being uncomfortable as a goal. This sounded crazy at first, considering we spend most of our lives trying to avoid being in uncomfortable situations. As she went on though, it started to click.

If you aren't uncomfortable then you are in your comfort zone. You're playing it safe by taking little to no risks. This is fine if you are happy with everything the way it is and don't have anything you'd like to improve on. If you're looking to improve your life or move upwards and onwards, then the safe route is not an option. I mean, have you even heard someones autobiography start out with "I remember the day I did nothing new or risky and changed my fate." No, you have not. That's simply doesn't happen. All the success stories I've heard are actually the complete opposite.

Now when I say get uncomfortable, I don't recommend wearing two sizes too small in your thong or telling a first date you love them. I mean the productive uncomfortable that gets you somewhere. 

So how do you get uncomfortable in the right way? Look at your goals and then list everything you can possibly do to get there. For some, the goal alone will make you get that queasy feeling. For others there will be a list of steps that seem scary, but they are a necessity to reach that goal. 

With each uncomfortable step we can inch closer to our goals and achieve the change we desire. So go and get uncomfortable.


  1. Wow, this is very true! I needed this nudge. We've got enough in the bank to make a down payment on our first house, but it's a scary big leap, so I've been stalling. Maybe it's time to stop stalling!

    1. That's amazing Jaime! If you've got the funds and find the right house, I would go for it. I tend to over think everything and sometimes we just have to go for it and take a chance.


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