Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Citrus Lane June Box: Look at the Loot

It's that time again where I am anxiously awaiting a package at my doorstep. OK, maybe I should say my toddler is anxiously awaiting a package, but who am I kidding. I get pretty darn excited about Citrus Lane {referral link} boxes too. The last two boxes have been pretty great, my favorites in fact. This box had quite a bit to live up to.

Disclosure: I am in no way affiliated with Citrus Lane. I do provide a referral link which gets me a $10 credit for anyone who orders a subscription through my link. The Amazon images go through my affiliate link, as I am a member of the Amazon affiliate program.

I did notice the box was smaller than any others we have received, but the best things come in small packages, right? Well let's see.

Citrus Lane Box June 21 month old boy

I was both thrilled and underwhelmed at the same time with the June box. Let me break down what we received and why.

iPlay Sun Protection Hat

The First Mate is fair skinned just like me, but that doesn't stop him from playing outside as often as he can. This sun hat is great, and I am glad it was included. 

Haba Sand Toys Set

These toys will be great for when we head to the beach, but I don't know if the sieve will get much use otherwise. I'm not going to bring sand into the house just for this toy. He is playing with the scoop right now. We already have a set of beach toys, but I did notice that the Haba toys are more durable. I also like that they are PVC free.

Happy Family Happy Tot Plus

We have tried these before, but lately The First Mate seems over pouch snacks. However, when he saw me with this one to write my review he wanted it. He ate most of it, but didn't finish it. That always seems to be the case with pouches nowadays. I would have preferred another snack like last month's finger food.

Episencial Sunny Sunscreen SPF35

Yay sunscreen! I was thrilled to get this in our Citrus Lane box because we lost our expensive sunscreen on our last trip to Disneyland. I have had a bad experience treating diaper rash with Episencial that caused burning to my little one. After researching their website further, I learned the store associate gave me the wrong cream that was not intended for the diaper area. I am willing to try their products again, hopefully with better results. I will say this tube felt like air and I thought maybe it had leaked at  first. It is just1.5 fl oz in a 2.7 oz tube, which I thought was a little sneaky. They put a sticker over the tube's usual size. 

Episecial Citrus Lane size sticker

The total value of this box comes to approximately $37.26 (I adjusted down the price of the sunscreen) which is a great value considering boxes starting at $21. As always I include a coupon code for you to order your own Citrus Lane box. Use code TAKEHALF and save 50% off your first box when you sign up for a subscription. That makes your box only $12.50! 

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