Friday, June 21, 2013

Is it Wrong to Want Right?

The other day Eco Nuts shared this ecard and all I could notice was the random capitalization. (Scroll back up and you'll see!) Things that seem so insignificant to others really drive me nuts. I think I've got some obsessive compulsive tendencies, for sure. But is there really something wrong with wanting things done the right way?

It made me think about my pet peeves and full on OCD issues. I thought I should compile some of them to see if I'm right, or wrong.

Stuffing Cloth Diapers:

I like to match each pocket diaper with the inserts that came with the diaper. I just stuff the diapers myself to avoid any issues.

The Dishwasher:

There is a clear right and wrong way to load it and just a few rules to follow.  

Work Paperwork:

I like everything stapled and stacked the same way and in a specific order. I also need the weekly sales written as close to the same each week as possible. If there are two different hand writings on the same page I try hard to ignore it. If two different pen colors are used, OMG!

My Hair

I have done my hair myself since around age 14 or so. I learned that no one can cut or color my hair the way I want it, so I taught myself. I have finally allowed my sister in law (a licensed cosmetologist) to cut it after proving her skills. I still color it on my own.

Daily Annoyances:

I can't handle crooked art or frames on walls. I HAVE to straighten them.

I obsess about not missing things. I don't like missing a second of a recorded TV show, my twitter feed, facebook, etc. I used to be so much worse about this before having The First Mate. Once he was in the picture I found I had far less time to worry about this.

My bras are sorted in hanging organizers by style, frequency of use, and color. I have a LOT of bras. 

That's all I am willing to share for now, but I'm sure there are plenty of other things that I have to make sure are just right.

Feel free to chime in below with your own pet peeves or thoughts on whether I'm crazy or not.


  1. I think you are either NOT crazy or we both are. I am with you on the dishwasher thing. I beg my husband not to touch it on the grounds that it takes less time for me to load it the first time than to unload and reload. I can never just leave it the way he put it.

    I also have grammar issues. Sometimes, when I read Facebook posts, I have to stop myself from typing in snarky comments. But honestly, people, you lose something because it is loose. You don't "loose" things.

    With the diapers, the idea of not matching the insert to the diaper it came with never even occurred to me. Do people do that?

    1. I reload the dishwasher all the time. My mom is the worst at loading it. She will literally put cups in upside down.

      I assure you, people just stuff random inserts in diapers. I could not do it. I had a nanny "help" by stuffing diapers and I had to take them all apart and do it again.

      Thanks for being not crazy/crazy with me!

  2. I have many pet peeves.... but definately not type A personality stuff (I gave that all up when I became a mom of 2).

    Grammar stuff doesn't bother me too much because I think if you know what they mean, and it is not in a work related article then it can be overlooked. So I'm really lazy when it comes to typing caps or perfect punctuation on Facebook/Twitter and I probably score highest on run on sentances ; ) I hope this will at least stick with you and you'll know I'm not a total idiot, it is just that I'm way too busy to go back and edit.

    I'm with ya on the loading the dishwasher thing! That meme is great by the way - I think most women would agree and then men would be like "whatever."

    Okay, one pet peeve I have, people call but don't leave a message. Or people complaining that I don't pick up the phone. I worked for years in customer service and really do not enjoy talking on the phone.
    Oh, this is a new one. A teacher giving you the "look" or "talking to" all year about homework assignments not being done (I do not believe homework helps kids in Kindergarten).
    On the topic of schools... when they keep on ya about getting forms returned that are health reports. I don't feel like it is any of their business. I did not not take my kid to the doctor, but failed to take the form with me when I did and do not feel like I need to go out of my way to satisfy some odd checklist they have about dental reports. Geesh!
    Another good one that comes up with semi regularity. Babysitters who start off awesome and then after they get comfortable they slack off, i.e. the kids say they don't play fun games with them anymore, don't pick up the dishes from dinner, and then the kids don't want them to come back after you thought you had a great babysitter for months and months.
    Putting away all the laundry, sending my boys to go get dressed for the day, and later returning to their room to see clean clothes strewn about the room from their searching the drawers to get dressed earlier... so my job of putting laundry away has to be done twice. Ugh!

    1. I figured I wasn't alone on the dishwasher thing. I really shouldn't let grammar get to me since I am awful at proofreading myself. I like a good run on sentence too, btw.

      My son isn't to school age yet, so I haven't even begun to deal with all of that stuff. Ugh. I have dealt with finding the right babysitter. We have the worst luck. As soon as we find a good one, they get a full time job and leave. I've also had some pretty awful ones too, like the one who took a whole slew of photos of my son crying instead of attending to his needs.

  3. I am all about the dishwasher rules! I used to be crazy about how our towels were folded, now I'm just happy that someone else is folding the towels and I have to accept the help even if it's not my way.

    1. The dishwasher seems to strike a chord with everyone! I often think Joe does things 'wrong' so he isn't asked to do them again. He has told me I make PB&J better than he does, so can I make it for him please.

  4. I learned a new one on the dishwasher rules: placing like silverware in the same basket for ease of unloading! It never occurred to me to do this, so thanks! On the other stuff, I'd say that "yes" you are a little OCD {grin}, but aren't we all? I'm that way about certain things on our blog (just ask Tiffany - she'll tell you how OCD I am about that!!!). Anyway, good post!

    1. Glad I could help contribute to your OCD. It's true, we all have our "things."


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