Friday, June 14, 2013

Photo Friday

Since life has been busier that normal, here is the past week summed up in photos:

Looking through the castle window at KidVentures 4S Ranch

Playing in the fire truck at KidVentures 4S Ranch

Panorama of KidVentures 4S Ranch

Panorama of KidVentures 4S Ranch

The above photos were taken at an early play date at the new KidVentures in 4S Ranch. It opens in just a couple days and was an amazing facility! The First Mate had such a blast and I'm sure we will be back. Side note, this was my first attempt at panoramic photos. Please excuse the evidence of my poor panorama skills.

Riding on a truck ride at the fair

Riding convoy, the truck ride, at the fair

After KidVentures we headed to the fair to eat something fried and ride the rides. This semi-truck ride was a favorite of The First Mate.

Attempting yoga with a toddler. fail

If you follow me on facebook, then you know I attempted to do Yoga this week. This photo is evidence of that failed attempt to exercise.

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